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Available Topics

QuickBooks Desktop (265 videos)

The Basics of QuickBooks

How does the desktop version of QuickBooks work?


  • How QuickBooks Works
  • Who is Intuit?
  • There are so many different types of QuickBooks. What is best for me?
  • How do I make entries into QuickBooks?
  • What is a QuickBooks List?
  • What is a QuickBooks Item?
  • How do I install QuickBooks?

Sales and Customers in QuickBooks

Learn everything from creating customers and Jobs to writing up an Estimate, Invoice, Sales Receipt and making deposits.


  • Who is a Customer in QuickBooks?
  • How do I manage Customers?
  • How do I set up new Customers?
  • What is a Job in QuickBooks?
  • What are Classes?
  • How do I track my Classes in QuickBooks?
  • How do I create an Estimate?
  • How do I add Items to an Estimate?
  • How do I change an Estimate to an Invoice?
  • How do I print several Estimates or Invoices at once?
  • How do I create Change Orders?
  • How do I assign Costs to Customers?
  • How do I assign Time to Customers?
  • How do I find out what Time and Costs have not been billed?
  • How do I enter expenses to Job Cost?
  • How do I enter mileage for Customer Invoices?
  • How do I add Time and Costs to Customer Invoices?
  • What reports help with Job Costing?
  • How do I add Items to an Invoice?
  • How can I add a subtotal to an Invoice?
  • How can I add a discount to my Invoice?
  • Can I have a down payment on an Invoice?
  • How do I print an Invoice?
  • How do I email a form?
  • Can I mail an Invoice from QuickBooks?
  • How do I enter a payment from a Customer?
  • What is Undeposited Funds?
  • How do I show a Customer paid me?
  • What if a Customer only paid me part of what they owe?
  • What is a Sales Receipt?
  • How do I make a Deposit?
  • What if I need to deposit money, not in Undeposited Funds?
  • How do I issue a Credit to a Customer?
  • What is the Collection Center?
  • What is the Income Tracker?
  • How do I record a bounced check?
  • How do I write off bad debt?
  • How do I record Customer finance charges?
  • How do I print out Statements?
  • Can I use QuickBooks as a CRM program?
  • How do I adjust my Inventory?

Accounting and Bookkeeping (33 videos)

Marketing a Bookkeeping Service


  • What equipment do I need to get started?
  • What short term goals are needed to start a business?
  • Why are compliance and confidence important for me?
  • How do I present my services to a potential client?
  • What is a Profit and Growth Expert?
  • How does my Attitude affect my new business?
  • How do I create a 30 second commercial?
  • What is the Formula of Success for my accounting and bookkeeping service?
  • What is the first thing I need to do to market my service?
  • What are the first things first when marketing?
  • Would offering Tax Preparation be right for me?
  • Am I ready to do this?
  • What could go wrong?
  • What should my business look like?
  • What do I do first?

Tax (13 videos)

Applications and Partners (5 videos)

Best Practices (19 videos)

Best Practices

How do I work with my clients? What are the best ways to answer questions? What are other accountants doing to better service their clients?


  • How can I improve my Credit Score?
  • How to collect payments from customers?
  • What Version of QuickBooks is Right for You and Your Clients?
  • Why Tax Preparation and What to Do Now
  • Attracting the Business of Your Dreams
  • The How and Why of Success
  • Six Ways to Make More, Work Less, and Serve Clients Better in Your Accounting Practice
  • Optimizing, Maximizing and Maintaining Your Professional Power Tools
  • Business Fraud Prevention
  • "Fear Proof" Financial Access
  • Real Growth, Real Control, and Real Advantage
  • Desktop vs Hosting vs SaaS: Why, How, and When
  • Virtual Bookkeeper Tools, Tips & Best Practices Webinar
  • The Value of Outsourced Accounting Services
  • Become Your Client's MVP
  • Take The Fright out of the 1099-Misc Form
  • The Paperless Office - Fact or Fiction?
  • The 21st Century Bookkeeping Office
  • The Shoebox Client

Consulting (9 videos)


When I am working with my clients, what are they looking for? How can I be the best Profit and Growth Expert for my clients?


  • Expand Your Services to Increase Your Income and Your Influence
  • How to Expand Your Service Opportunities for Increased Profits and Retention
  • The Economics of Accounting Services - Reporting the Past vs. Shaping the Future
  • Merchant Services Maven - Another Money Making Moniker of a Profit and Growth Expert
  • In the Black - 9 Principles for Profitability and Growth for You and Your Clients
  • More Ways to Get Paid, More Ways to Profit!
  • Creating a Budget They Can Live With
  • How to Woo and Wow Your Clients With Break Even Analysis
  • Paradigm Shifts in Accounting Technology

Marketing a Business (24 videos)


What are the top ways to market my bookkeeping and accounting service? What items can I do to make my service grow quickly?


  • How do I make a memorable first introduction?
  • Use Payroll Services to Attract Clients & Increase Your Income
  • Get Clients from Trade Shows
  • Strategic Partnering - What's Working On the Streets
  • How to Increase Your Online Footprint and Get Free Advertising
  • Riches in the Niches - Increase Your Value By Specializing
  • Win/Win Pricing Strategies to Get Paid What You Deserve
  • Online Marketing for Your Accounting Service
  • What to Say and How to Say to Get More Clients
  • Creating and Managing Relationships That Pay!
  • Why Having Your Own Accounting Service is One of the Best of the Best Home-Based Businesses
  • Starting Your Accounting Practice - 1, 2, 3
  • Silence the Noise in Your Head
  • Transformative Decision Making
  • Who Am I?
  • 5 Simple Steps to Get More Clients
  • Maximize Your Business Without Making Cold Calls
  • Become Magnetic and Irresistible to Your Clients
  • Turning Employers Into Clients
  • Growing Weeds or Wealth?
  • Start Today and Have Your Own Successful Bookkeeping Business
  • Make Your Website a Rewarding Tool
  • How to Get and Keep Your Best Clients
  • Don't Just Join Your Chamber of Commerce, OWN IT

QuickBooks Online (18 videos)

Introduction to QuickBooks Online

What is QuickBooks Online and how does it work?


  • What is on the QuickBooks Online home page?
  • What is QuickBooks Online?
  • Where are the Settings for QuickBooks Online?
  • What Lists are in QuickBooks Online?
  • What are the QuickBooks Online Tools?
  • What Forms are in QuickBooks Online?
  • How are Bank Accounts used in QuickBooks Online?
  • What kinds of Reports does QuickBooks Online have?
  • What Versions of QuickBooks Online are available?