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Click For QuickBooks Desktop Topics (265 videos)

The Basics of QuickBooks

How does the desktop version of QuickBooks work?


  • How QuickBooks Works
  • Who is Intuit?
  • There are so many different types of QuickBooks. What is best for me?
  • How do I make entries into QuickBooks?
  • What is a QuickBooks List?
  • What is a QuickBooks Item?
  • How do I install QuickBooks?

QuickBooks and Bookkeeping

What are the differences and similarities to QuickBooks and Accounting or Bookkeeping? Learn how QuickBooks works behind the scenes.


  • What is a QuickBooks Register?
  • What is the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts?
  • What is a Balance Sheet?
  • What is the Fundamental Accounting Equation?
  • What is the Profit and Loss Statement?
  • What is a QuickBooks Form?
  • How do I set up a Chart of Accounts?
  • What are Sub-Accounts?
  • When should I use the Make Journal Entries in QuickBooks?
  • How do I enter a General Journal Entry?
  • How do I change between companies in QuickBooks?

Moving around in QuickBooks

Learn the basic building blocks of how to navigate and understand the QuickBooks screens and parts of the Program.


  • What is the Home Page in QuickBooks?
  • What is the Company Snapshot?
  • What are Centers in QuickBooks?
  • What are the Menus in QuickBooks?
  • What do you see on the screen?
  • What is the typical window look like in QuickBooks?
  • How do I find help in QuickBooks?
  • How do I find and correct mistakes in QuickBooks?
  • What are the most common printing errors in QuickBooks?

Creating and Setting up New Companies

How do I set up a new company in QuickBooks? Will it replace my old company? What are the Do's and Don't's of company start-up?


  • When do you create a New Company?
  • How do I set up a company?
  • How can I customize my company setup? (Part 1)
  • How do I Choose a Start Date in creating a new QuickBooks file?
  • What are Beginning Balances in QuickBooks?
  • What historical data should I include when setting up a new company?
  • What is the Open Balance Equity account in QuickBooks?
  • How can I customize my company setup? (Part 2)
  • Is the default Chart of Accounts a good place to start?
  • How do I Import or Export IIF Files in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Preferences

What preferences can I set in QuickBooks and how do they affect my QuickBooks Program?


  • My Preferences
  • Company Preferences
  • Accounting Preferences
  • Bills Preferences
  • Calendar Preferences
  • Checking Preferences
  • Desktop View Preferences
  • Finance Charge Preferences
  • General Preferences
  • Integrated Applications Preferences
  • Items and Inventory Preferences
  • Jobs and Estimates Preferences
  • Multiple Currencies Preferences
  • Payments Preferences
  • Payroll and Employees Preferences
  • Reminders Preferences
  • Reports and Graphs Preferences
  • Sales and Customer Preferences
  • Sales Tax Preferences
  • Search Options Preferences
  • Send Forms Preferences
  • Service Connection Preferences
  • Spelling Preferences
  • Tax: 1099 Preferences
  • Time and Expenses Preferences

Reporting in QuickBooks

Find out how to find and create reports in QuickBooks


  • What are QuickReports?
  • What shows up on reports with Classes?
  • What is the Reports Menu?
  • What is the Reports Center?
  • What is QuickZoom in QuickBooks?
  • What is the Customize Button on QuickBooks Reports?
  • How do I change from Cash to Accrual Accounting in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Lists

What types of Lists does QuickBooks use to operate with and how do I work with them?


  • How can I modify or change Lists?
  • How do Lists work in QuickBooks?
  • How do I add to Lists?
  • What are the rules and limitations to QuickBooks Lists?
  • How do I delete accounts from Lists?
  • Can I add several Items to a list at one time?
  • Can I merge two Items together?
  • How can I remove Items?
  • Why do we use Items in QuickBooks?
  • When do I have to use Items?
  • What are Service Items?
  • What are Inventory Part Items?
  • What are Non-Inventory Part Items?
  • What are Other Charge Items?
  • What are Subtotal Items?
  • What are Group Items?
  • What are Discount Items?
  • What are Payment Items?
  • What are Sales Tax Items?
  • What are Sales Tax Groups?
  • What is the difference between Item tabs and Expense tabs on forms?
  • What is Units of Measure in QuickBooks?

Sales and Customers in QuickBooks

Learn everything from creating customers and Jobs to writing up an Estimate, Invoice, Sales Receipt and making deposits.


  • Who is a Customer in QuickBooks?
  • How do I manage Customers?
  • How do I set up new Customers?
  • What is a Job in QuickBooks?
  • What are Classes?
  • How do I track my Classes in QuickBooks?
  • How do I create an Estimate?
  • How do I add Items to an Estimate?
  • How do I change an Estimate to an Invoice?
  • How do I print several Estimates or Invoices at once?
  • How do I create Change Orders?
  • How do I assign Costs to Customers?
  • How do I assign Time to Customers?
  • How do I find out what Time and Costs have not been billed?
  • How do I enter expenses to Job Cost?
  • How do I enter mileage for Customer Invoices?
  • How do I add Time and Costs to Customer Invoices?
  • What reports help with Job Costing?
  • How do I add Items to an Invoice?
  • How can I add a subtotal to an Invoice?
  • How can I add a discount to my Invoice?
  • Can I have a down payment on an Invoice?
  • How do I print an Invoice?
  • How do I email a form?
  • Can I mail an Invoice from QuickBooks?
  • How do I enter a payment from a Customer?
  • What is Undeposited Funds?
  • How do I show a Customer paid me?
  • What if a Customer only paid me part of what they owe?
  • What is a Sales Receipt?
  • How do I make a Deposit?
  • What if I need to deposit money, not in Undeposited Funds?
  • How do I issue a Credit to a Customer?
  • What is the Collection Center?
  • What is the Income Tracker?
  • How do I record a bounced check?
  • How do I write off bad debt?
  • How do I record Customer finance charges?
  • How do I print out Statements?
  • Can I use QuickBooks as a CRM program?
  • How do I adjust my Inventory?

Vendors in QuickBooks

Who do we set up as Vendors in QuickBooks? What information is tracked for our Vendors? How do we manage our Vendors in QuickBooks?


  • Who are Vendors?
  • How do I manage my Vendors?
  • What information can I track on my Vendors?

Purchase Orders in Quickbooks

What are Purchase Orders and how do we use them in QuickBooks?


  • When and why would I use a Purchase Order?
  • Why are my Purchase Orders not showing in my Inventory?
  • How do I create a Purchase Order?
  • Can I assign a Job or a Customer to a Purchase Order?
  • How do I show that I have received Items ordered with a Purchase Order?
  • How can I pay for a Purchase Order with a Check?
  • How does the Purchase Order system work?
  • What are Inventory Reorder Points and Purchase Orders?

Bills in QuickBooks

How do we prepare and manage Bills in QuickBooks? How do we process Purchase Orders in QuickBooks?


  • When do I Enter Bills in QuickBooks?
  • When do you use the Item vs the Expense Tab?
  • How can I enter Bills?
  • Can I assign a Job or Customer to a Bill?
  • How do I enter Bills into Customer Invoices?
  • How do I map and create 1099s?
  • How do I add a credit to a Bill?
  • How can I get a report of unpaid bills?
  • How can I see all of my bills?
  • How do I Pay Bills?
  • How can I pay my Bills with a Credit Card?
  • How do I print my Bill Payment Checks?
  • How do I create a Credit for a Vendor?

Checking and Banking in QuickBooks

Learn how to work with Checks and the Bank in QuickBooks.


  • What is the difference between Write Checks and Enter Bills?
  • What is the difference between writing a check or using the Register?
  • How can you track Job Costing on Checks?
  • How do I record a debit card charge?
  • How do I record a check if someone had hand written the check?
  • How do I void a transaction?
  • How do I delete a transaction?
  • What is Petty Cash?
  • How do I add more money to my Petty Cash account?
  • How do I track Petty Cash?
  • What is a Bank Statement?
  • How do I enter the Beginning Balance when reconciling?
  • What if the Beginning Balance is wrong when reconciling?
  • What if I have not reconciled the account before?
  • How do I reconcile an account?
  • What if I find a mistake while reconciling?
  • What if the Bank made a mistake on my account?
  • Can QuickBooks fix mistakes on my Reconciliation?
  • Can I clear a transaction in the Register?
  • How do I reconcile my bank account using Bank Feeds?
  • What are Bank Feeds?

Credit Cards in QuickBooks

How do you work with Credit Cards in QuickBooks?


  • How do I setup a Credit Card in QuickBooks?
  • How do I enter a purchase on a Credit Card?
  • How do I enter a Credit on a Credit Card?
  • How do I reconcile the Credit Card?
  • How do I pay a Credit Card bill?



  • What are Payroll Subscriptions for QuickBooks?
  • What if I don’t have a Payroll Subscription?
  • What are Payroll and Employee Preferences?
  • How do I set up Employees?
  • What are Payroll Items in QuickBooks?
  • What accounting needs to be done for Payroll?
  • How do manage my Employees?
  • How do I set up an employee?
  • How do I enter and track time for my Employees?
  • How do I pay my Employees?
  • How do I change or correct a Paycheck?
  • What if I need to make a Paycheck for an Employee and it is not payday?
  • How do I print paychecks?
  • What do I do if my paychecks do not have a pay stub attached?
  • Can I enter paychecks in QuickBooks if I do not have a subscription?
  • How do I pay my payroll liabilities?
  • Can I make a custom payroll liability account?
  • What payroll forms do I need to know about?
  • How do I adjust Payroll Liabilities if they are wrong?

Sales Tax


  • What are the Sales Tax Preferences?
  • How do I set up a Sales Tax Item?
  • How do I set up a Sales Tax Group?
  • What are Sales Tax Codes?
  • How do I assign a Sales Tax Code to Items?
  • How do I assign Sales Tax Codes to Customers?
  • How does QuickBooks calculate Sales Tax?
  • How do I pay my Sales Tax?

Customizing & Creating Reports


  • What payroll reports do we have?
  • How do I work with reports?
  • How do I add columns to reports?
  • How do I delete columns to reports?
  • How do I change the column width in reports in QuickBooks?
  • How do I move a column in a report in QuickBooks?
  • How do I change the fonts, headings, and colors in a QuickBooks report?
  • How do I filter a report?
  • How do I memorize a report?
  • How do I export a report to Excel from QuickBooks?
  • How do I merge files with QuickBooks and Microsoft Word?

Customizing & Creating Forms


  • What is a Template?
  • How do I change a template?
  • How do I change a form?
  • How do I change the columns showing on an Invoice?
  • How do I change how forms print out?
  • How can I have the same look for all of my forms and invoices?

Security – Protecting Your Information


  • Can QuickBooks work on a Network?
  • What does Multi-User mean?
  • What is an Administrator in QuickBooks?
  • How do I create users?
  • What does the Closing Date do?
  • What is an Audit Trail?
  • How do I create a Backup?
  • How do I restore a Backup?
  • How do I update my QuickBooks Program?

Year-End Procedures


  • What is a Portable Company File and how do you create one?
  • What is the Accountant's Copy in QuickBooks?
  • How can I clean up my company file?
  • What needs to be done at year-end?
  • How can I set up a budget?

Finding Transactions and Saving Time


  • How do I find a transaction?
  • How can I move around quickly?
  • How can I shortcut or memorize transactions?
  • How do I set up a Fixed Asset?
  • How do I record depreciation?
  • How do I find Customer or Vendor History?
  • How do I attach documents to my QuickBooks file?
  • How do I attach documents to my QuickBooks file?

Accountant’s Version Features


  • What is the Accountant's Version of QuickBooks?
  • How can I manage my Clients in the Accountant's Version?
  • What is the Accountant's Copy?
  • How can I enter many transactions at once?
  • How do I create an External Accountant?
  • What is the Client Data Review?
  • How do we reverse journal entries in the Accountant's Version?
  • How do I get my changes to my clients?
  • What is the Trial Balance?
  • How can I work with clients?
  • How can I work on someone else's QuickBooks though the internet?
  • What is the Fixed Asset Manager in the Accountant's Version?
  • How can I manage my clients files in the Accountant's Version?
  • What is the Statement Writer?
  • How can I manage my Inventory?
  • How do we work with After-the-Fact payroll in the Accountant's Version?
  • What Reports are available in the Accountant's Version?

Click For Accounting and Bookkeeping Topics (33 videos)

Finding that Perfect Job

How do I find a job in Accounting and Bookkeeping?


  • What is the Purpose of a Resume?
  • How long should it take to find a Job?
  • What do I need to do, day by day, to find the right job?
  • How do I interview?
  • What do I do after the interview?

Bookkeeping 101


  • What is a General Ledger?
  • What is a Journal?
  • What are Subsidiary Ledgers?
  • What are Debits and Credits?
  • Why are bank's debits and credits backwards?
  • What is Petty Cash?
  • What is a Bank Account?
  • What is Cash on Hand?
  • What is Inventory?
  • What are Contracts in Transit?
  • What are Notes Receivable?
  • What is a Bank Reserve Account?
  • What are Current Assets?

Marketing a Bookkeeping Service


  • What equipment do I need to get started?
  • What short term goals are needed to start a business?
  • Why are compliance and confidence important for me?
  • How do I present my services to a potential client?
  • What is a Profit and Growth Expert?
  • How does my Attitude affect my new business?
  • How do I create a 30 second commercial?
  • What is the Formula of Success for my accounting and bookkeeping service?
  • What is the first thing I need to do to market my service?
  • What are the first things first when marketing?
  • Would offering Tax Preparation be right for me?
  • Am I ready to do this?
  • What could go wrong?
  • What should my business look like?
  • What do I do first?

Click For Tax Topics (13 videos)

US Income Taxes

US Income Tax Training and Tips


  • How long do I need to keep my returns?
  • Tax Tips 1
  • What is the ACA?
  • What is a Qualifying Child?
  • What is a Qualifying Relative?
  • What is a Social Security Number?
  • What filing status should I use?
  • What are exemptions?
  • What is the history of taxes in the US?
  • What 1040 Form should I use?
  • When are taxes due?
  • Do I round the amount on my tax return?
  • Who should file taxes?

Click For Applications and Partners Topics (5 videos)



  • What is PowaPOS?

Additional Certificate Training

Universal Accounting Training has additional FULL CERTIFICATION Courses in several subjects. Watch some of our videos to find out if you would like more training and certifications in your profession.


  • What is a Financing Consultant?
  • Why become a QuickBooks Specialist (QS)?
  • Why become a Professional Bookkeeper?
  • Is Tax Preparation a good service for me to offer?

Click For Best Practices Topics (19 videos)

Best Practices

How do I work with my clients? What are the best ways to answer questions? What are other accountants doing to better service their clients?


  • How can I improve my Credit Score?
  • How to collect payments from customers?
  • What Version of QuickBooks is Right for You and Your Clients?
  • Why Tax Preparation and What to Do Now
  • Attracting the Business of Your Dreams
  • The How and Why of Success
  • Six Ways to Make More, Work Less, and Serve Clients Better in Your Accounting Practice
  • Optimizing, Maximizing and Maintaining Your Professional Power Tools
  • Business Fraud Prevention
  • "Fear Proof" Financial Access
  • Real Growth, Real Control, and Real Advantage
  • Desktop vs Hosting vs SaaS: Why, How, and When
  • Virtual Bookkeeper Tools, Tips & Best Practices Webinar
  • The Value of Outsourced Accounting Services
  • Become Your Client's MVP
  • Take The Fright out of the 1099-Misc Form
  • The Paperless Office - Fact or Fiction?
  • The 21st Century Bookkeeping Office
  • The Shoebox Client

Click For Consulting Topics (9 videos)


When I am working with my clients, what are they looking for? How can I be the best Profit and Growth Expert for my clients?


  • Expand Your Services to Increase Your Income and Your Influence
  • How to Expand Your Service Opportunities for Increased Profits and Retention
  • The Economics of Accounting Services - Reporting the Past vs. Shaping the Future
  • Merchant Services Maven - Another Money Making Moniker of a Profit and Growth Expert
  • In the Black - 9 Principles for Profitability and Growth for You and Your Clients
  • More Ways to Get Paid, More Ways to Profit!
  • Creating a Budget They Can Live With
  • How to Woo and Wow Your Clients With Break Even Analysis
  • Paradigm Shifts in Accounting Technology

Click For Marketing a Business Topics (24 videos)


What are the top ways to market my bookkeeping and accounting service? What items can I do to make my service grow quickly?


  • How do I make a memorable first introduction?
  • Use Payroll Services to Attract Clients & Increase Your Income
  • Get Clients from Trade Shows
  • Strategic Partnering - What's Working On the Streets
  • How to Increase Your Online Footprint and Get Free Advertising
  • Riches in the Niches - Increase Your Value By Specializing
  • Win/Win Pricing Strategies to Get Paid What You Deserve
  • Online Marketing for Your Accounting Service
  • What to Say and How to Say to Get More Clients
  • Creating and Managing Relationships That Pay!
  • Why Having Your Own Accounting Service is One of the Best of the Best Home-Based Businesses
  • Starting Your Accounting Practice - 1, 2, 3
  • Silence the Noise in Your Head
  • Transformative Decision Making
  • Who Am I?
  • 5 Simple Steps to Get More Clients
  • Maximize Your Business Without Making Cold Calls
  • Become Magnetic and Irresistible to Your Clients
  • Turning Employers Into Clients
  • Growing Weeds or Wealth?
  • Start Today and Have Your Own Successful Bookkeeping Business
  • Make Your Website a Rewarding Tool
  • How to Get and Keep Your Best Clients
  • Don't Just Join Your Chamber of Commerce, OWN IT

Click For QuickBooks Online Topics (18 videos)

Introduction to QuickBooks Online

What is QuickBooks Online and how does it work?


  • What is on the QuickBooks Online home page?
  • What is QuickBooks Online?
  • Where are the Settings for QuickBooks Online?
  • What Lists are in QuickBooks Online?
  • What are the QuickBooks Online Tools?
  • What Forms are in QuickBooks Online?
  • How are Bank Accounts used in QuickBooks Online?
  • What kinds of Reports does QuickBooks Online have?
  • What Versions of QuickBooks Online are available?

QuickBooks Online Overview and Setup


  • How do we use Forms in QuickBooks Online?
  • What are the Company Setting in QuickBooks Online?
  • What does the Chart of Accounts look like in QuickBooks Online?
  • How are Products and Services created in QuickBooks Online?
  • What lists are used in QuickBooks Online?
  • How do I find transactions in QuickBooks Online?
  • How do I enter Sales Transactions into QuickBooks Online?
  • How do I enter Expenses in QuickBooks Online?
  • How do I work with Bank Feeds in QuickBooks Online?