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Working From Home Never Felt So Good

A Home Based Bookkeeping Business Perfectly Fits Your Lifestyle

It isn't easy. Juggling the responsibilities of being a parent and the need to earn a living has always proved a challenge. Daycare isn't the first choice most young parents want to make. But sometimes, you just have to . . .  don't you?

Let me share some great news with you. You can stay home with your family and earn a wonderful income. I know it sounds hard to believe, but it can be a reality for you and your family.

Don't put your children in daycare until you have investigated all the options. And don't waste time doing something that won't let you create the freedom and the lifestyle that will let you spend your time doing the things that matters most. I can show you how.

Enjoy the Income and Lifestyle You're Looking For With a Home-Based Business

familyHere's a realistic opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle that will allow you to work from home, earn a great income and have time for the things that are really important. Small business bookkeepers and accountants have worked from their home offices for years. Victoria Richardson is a perfect example.

When she began her practice, she leased a beautiful office. She thought it would give her added credibility. What she found out absolutely surprised her. Most of her interactions with clients took place in their offices, not hers. In fact, she was shocked to find the only people who found her at her beautiful office space were people who wanted to sell her something.

After her first year in business, she decided to spend the money she had wasted on a lease to build out a nice, comfortable home office. She works three days a week, makes a very comfortable income and spends the rest of the week with her children and family.

Victoria will share with you how she found time for what matters most. What's more, her experience is by no means unique. Thousands of people just like Victoria found how owning a home-based professional bookkeeping and tax accounting business perfectly fits their income needs and their lifestyle. To hear her story in her own words click HERE.

Why Does a Bookkeeping and Accounting Business Make Such a Great Home-Based Business?

That's a good question. In fact, I'm not the only one who feels so strongly that it makes a great home-based business. It's no surprise to me that Paul and Sarah Edwards, authors of The Best Home Businesses for the 21st Century, consider it to be the "Best of the Best." That's high praise from someone outside the accounting industry looking purely at the business opportunity.

It might surprise you to know that over 550,000 new businesses start up every month in the United States. What a tremendous opportunity for someone willing to acquire the right education to provide services those businesses will require.

familyAccounting is mandated by law. Each month, every business is required to do accounting. That's how government determines taxes, licenses, and all the other fees and withholdings every business must pay. Most small business owners don't have backgrounds in accounting. They need the expertise only a skilled and qualified small business bookkeeper can provide.

This type of expertise doesn't require a college education. Surprisingly, most colleges and universities that teach accounting don't prepare their graduates to provide the needs of small businesses. They design their curriculum to prepare students to work in Fortune 500 companies. That's less than 5% of the businesses. Small buisnesses create 85% of the opportunities in accounting and tax out there.

You can learn the skills needed to offer these valuable services to small businesses at home with just your television and a DVD player. In as little as four weeks, you'll have the real-world skills to offer valuable services that every small business owner needs.

Not only is a small business bookkeeping and accounting practice a great home-based business, keep reading and I'll share with you why it's the perfect business to start part-time.

To learn what makes a small business bookkeeping and tax business the "Best of the Best" home-based businesses, click HERE.

The Perfect Home-Based Business is Also The Perfect Family Business

I started in the warehouse and drove the delivery truck. I learned to work at the feet of my father. He didn't make it easy, but he taught me to value customers and take pride in my work . . .  and myself.

As my father and I swept the warehouse floor together, I learned the importance of doing a job right, familyeven if it was just sweeping the floor. By washing the delivery truck every week, I learned to take pride in my appearance and how I presented myself. My father made sure I learned these important lessons when I was young enough to still listen.

Owning a profitable and rewarding home-based bookkeeping and tax practice provides a wonderful opportunity to share your values with your children and teach them skills they'll never learn in school, like the value of an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. You'll better prepare them for life.

Whether or not they make accounting their career, they'll learn skills that will prove critically important in real life, regardless of the profession they choose. I don't work for my father anymore, but the lessons he taught me are still a big part of who I am and what I do. (And I haven't worked for him for almost 25 years.)

Read more about why this is a great family business by clicking HERE.

Your Perfect Partner in Business . . .  and in Life

My parents built a life together in the family business for many years. Do you like spending time together and enjoy each other's company, working together to accomplish a goal? Starting a professional bookkeeping and tax practice could be the perfect choice for you. What's more, working together towards a common goal often strengthens a marriage.

If you'd like to read more about what makes partnering with your spouse the chosen situation for many couples, click HERE.

Many couples find that segmenting their business to include bookkeeping and tax preparation creates the perfect team environment for working together. As one spouse provides all the bookkeeping and accounting services the other spouse can focus on tax planning and preparation, creating a one-two punch to meet all the financial needs of their clients. What's more, it's a great business to start part-time. Build your business, then decide if you want to make the jump to full-time.

Later in this article, I'll reveal even more about the advantages of adding professional tax preparation services to your business.

Start Part-Time and Build a Very Profitable Business

Most people just don't have the means to drop everything and throw the dice. You don't have to with a small business bookkeeping practice. Starting part-time (20 hours per week or less) is a smart way to start your bookkeeping and accounting practice and never risk you present full-time income.

For the average small business bookkeeping client, you'll spend will about 8 to 10 hours per month to do their books. (As you become more efficient, you'll spend even less time.) As you start your practice, you can adjust how much time you have to spend with the needs of your clients. If it takes longer, you'll charge more.

That 8 to 10 hours spent will generate a monthly income of $300. That's $30 to almost $40 per hour. As you become more efficient and more familiar with your customers books, expect to earn $60 per hour or more. That's a rare part-time income.bookkeeper income

The graph at the right illustrates what you can expect as you build your part-time bookkeeping practice. Since your average client earns you $300 per month, it won't take many clients before you're earning a very profitable income.

Experience has taught us, with very little marketing effort, you can expect to find one or two clients per month who will welcome your services and gladly pay for the expertise that you contribute to their small businesses.

Working part-time (20 hours per week and 8 hours per client per month) you can easily earn $3000 per month or $36,000 per year. That's a pretty good part-time income, don't you think?

Many people find 10 clients a great benchmark for either making the jump to full-time or semi-retirement. The beauty of this business is your ability to make that decision for yourself. You determine what's best for your family and your circumstance. To learn more about how you can semi-retire in less than 12 months even with $0 in savings today, click HERE.

Taking the Next Step, Going Full-Time

Very few businesses offer you the opportunity to provide this kind of value to your clients and get paid so well to do it. You might be asking yourself, "Can I really go full-time? I thought CPA's did this kind of thing for small businesses."

Although some CPA's offer small business bookkeeping and accounting services, they typically charge at rates too high for the average small business. (In fact, most CPA's charge between $100 and $200 per hour.) As a small business bookkeeping and accounting expert, you'll charge $30 to $60 per hour and be confident you provide more value than a CPA. (Most CPA's don't learn small business accounting in college. In fact, over the years we've trained a lot of CPA's to work with small businesses too.)

Unlike many business opportunities today, taking the step to a full-time bookkeeping and accounting business is usually a smooth transition. As you work with clients and become more and more familiar with different businesses and their accounting needs, you'll find that you'll become more efficient. This adds up to more freedom to spend your time doing just exactly what matters most to you.

Take another look at the above graph. Look at the income potential with only 20 clients. (What we consider a full-time business.) Working 40 hours per week or less, you will enjoy the freedom and lifestyle that earning $6000 per month creates. It's up to you. Part-time or full-time, bookkeeping and accounting is a great way to reach your financial goals. To learn how a small business bookkeeping business is such a great way to reach your financial goals, click HERE.

Make Your Small Business Bookkeeping Service Even More Profitable

Whether or not you start your bookkeeping service with a tax practice, it should be a part of your master plan. Why? It just makes sense. Not only will it create an additional income steam for your business, it provides a greater level of service and value to your clients.

imageIt's been said that the difference between tax planning and tax filing is just the date. After December 31st, the time for tax planning is over. It's time to file.

By offering your clients tax planning services all year long you'll be able to demonstrate the value of your services, bill at a consist ant rate, and provide the additional services key to helping your clients make informed tax decisions all year long. Experience has taught us that the average small business owner will gladly pay your bookkeeping practice an additional $100 per month for the benefit of your tax advice and expertise.

To learn why your clients really want to pay you more for your services, click HERE.

This Sounds Like a Great Idea, But Why Shouldn't I just Purchase a Franchise?

Although a franchise might seem like a good idea on the surface, the need to fully investigate what your purchasing is critical. There is a better way to start your successful bookkeeping and tax practice than purchasing a franchise. To learn the hidden risks of purchasing a franchise, click HERE.

For a fraction of the cost of purchasing a franchise, (a franchise will cost up to $80,000 just to start), you can purchase both the Professional Bookkeeper™ program and the Professional Tax Preparer™ program. For less than $3000 you'll receive a more comprehensive education in small business bookkeeping and accounting, preparing and filing taxes for both individuals and businesses and training from the industry's leading marketing experts. Not even the most expensive franchises offer this level of training and service. Now that's a value!

To read a thorough comparison of the various tax franchises available and how they compare to the Professional Tax Preparer™ program, click HERE Get the straight scoop before you make this important decision.

What If I Have a Question or a Problem?

Unlike any other distance learning program I'm aware of, from the moment you start either the Professional Bookkeeper™ program or the Professional Tax Preparer™ program, you'll have a personal coach on the other end of the phone to answer questions about bookkeeping and sound advice tax as well as how to build your business. Not only that, depending on the program(s) you purchase, you'll have access to the same coaching and help for 6 to 12 months after you've completed your course work.

Help with questions and encouragement are part of the program. You'll have the confidence of knowing that 25 years of accounting and tax education are behind you 100%. From small business accounting professionals and tax accountants to answer your bookkeeping and tax questions to some of the best marketing talent in the accounting industry to help you find and keep clients you'll have the support team that other business owners only dream of. Your bookkeeping and tax practice is well on the way to creating the income and lifestyle that allows you to spend more time doing the things that are the most important to you and your family.

Is It Guaranteed?

You'll get the finest guarantee in the business. I've never taken a college or university course that offered me any kind of guarantee, but Universal Accounting® does.

Universal Accounting®'s Ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee

“If, after completing the course, you feel the course didn't live up to your
expectation, simply return the materials to Universal, for a 100% refund of any monies paid.”

Purchase and complete the course(s) and if you don't feel that you've received your money's worth, you can return the materials for a complete refund. All of us here at Universal Accounting® feel so confident that you will find this training to be worth far more than the cost of the program that we'll gladly refund your money if you don't agree.

Working From Home Never Felt So Good

familyWhen my children were growing up, my wife and I were unaware of anything like this. The ability to work from home, create a fantastic income and spend that precious time with our family would have been an easy choice. Don't let these fleeting moments with your family pass you buy. You really can make it happen.

Just like Victoria Richardson and thousands of others just like her, you can live the life most people only dream of without sacrificing those valuable moments with your loved ones. Don't you owe it to yourself to learn more?

A Great Deal On the Most Complete Small-Business Accounting Training Available Anywhere!

Having a solid understanding of the Accounting and Bookkeeping methods and procedures is a great first step in learning the concepts behind Financial Business Analysis. You will learn to do books for small to mid-sized companies and how to analyze the books to prepare reports. You will learn to interpret reports so that you can advise your clients how to reduce costs and to better understand their financial standing and profitability. Your clients will look to you as an invaluable source of information about the financial health of their organization.

If you are considering adding Tax Preparation and Planning to your Financial Services business at some point, you get a great price by purchasing both programs as a bundle.

PB - Professional Bookkeeper Program
PB - Professional Bookkeeper Program
Learn More

Training Included:

Accounting Made Easy - - Course Module 1
Master the tools, procedures, and underlying principles that make up the bookkeeping processes of all businesses. Understand the core building blocks of Accounting and Bookkeeping. -- 9 Videos & Manual. See Sample

Practical Small Business Applications -- Course Module 2
Apply your understanding of the core accounting principles to specific industries. You will learn to set up books from scratch, do payroll like a seasoned pro, and much more. -- 6 Videos & Manual.See Sample

Advancing your "Account-Ability" -- Course Module 3
Sure ways to set up complete bookkeeping systems and manage the books for a variety of more sophisticated industries. -- 9 Videos & Manual.See Sample

Building a Successful Accounting Service -- Course Module 4
Learn the steps to finding paying clients. Start and Grow an accounting practice following a proven program tested and perfected since 1979. -- 7 Videos & Manuals.See Sample

Two Additional Months Follow-up Support (Free Promotional Offer)
1 month support is included for each module plus 2 months extra for a total of 6 months follow-up support

Customized Web Site (Free Promotional Offer)
With your purchase we will create a custom Web site for your business and host it for you for free for 6 months. Your Web site will become a valuable part of your marketing; in many cases you may only need to refer prospective clients to your site and it will sell your services for you. See CustomUniversal Accounting® Website

Two Additional Practice Sets (Free Promotional Offer)
Practice makes perfect. The modules already contain practice sets for nine different businesses. With your purchase you'll receive two more practice sets, giving you eleven in all. This will give you even more confidence and experience in various industries and the opportunity to work with additional types of clients.

Professional Bookkeeper Testing (Free Promotional Offer)
Certificate of completion (final grade greater than 65%)
Certified Professional Bookkeeper (with 90% or better grade)

Course Countries (US, Canada, etc)
Course intended for US, Canada, and anywhere people have accounting needs.

Professional Bookkeeper Guarantee
If, after completing the course, you feel the course didn't live up to your expectation, simply return the materials to Universal, for a 100% refund of any monies paid.

PB - Professional Bookkeeper Program

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Want answers? Let’s explore the perfect training solution and business plan just for you. We can keep you updated on special course offers. Also, you’ll get our free introductory video about the benefits and methods of starting your own practice.

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