Work From Home

with a bookkeeping business

Work from home with a bookkeeping business

You can start your own bookkeeping business with little more than a table for your computer and some good training available from Universal Accounting®.

You've dreamed of being your own boss, having your own business, and setting your own work hours. It seemed out of reach because of the high start-up costs of opening a store-front business and your lack of experience running a company.

We Make It Easy

You don't need to rent a store-front business. We show you how you can work from home. You don't even have to leave your present job. You can work part-time until you have sufficient income to tell your boss good-bye.

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Find Clients

learn how to find clients

How to find bookkeeping clients

Running your own accounting and bookkeeping business is an exciting thought until you remember you need clients to make money. We show you where to find clients. It's much easier than you think. You will be offering a service that every business needs: bookkeeping and accounting services.

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Bookkeeper and Accountant Resources Whether you are considering starting a bookkeeping business or accounting service, or your business is already booming, this site is designed to help you. You'll find answers to common questions like how much to charge for your bookkeeper services, where to find accounting clients, and more. The best part is all of this information is FREE:

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Remember all those times when you've considered having your own service. Now is the time! This is the place! We are here to help!

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What to Charge

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How much to charge bookkeeping clients

Knowing how much to charge clients is one of the most difficult aspects of starting a new business. We often under-estimate the value of our services and our time.

Beginning bookkeeping business owners forget that they not only need to charge a fair wage. They must also consider self-employment taxes, health insurance, vacation pay, and retirement. In additional, there is business overhead, equipment purchases and replacement of obsolete and worn-out equipment, software upgrades, office supplies, marketing expenses, etc.

The best source of information on what to charge comes from those who have a successful accounting business and are willing to share the information. Why should they share? Because if you charge too little, it will make them look more expensive to their bookkeeping clients who may decide to look for a better deal. While this may look attractive way for a new business owner to get clients, what it really means is that neither of you will be making what you should. Don't force prospective clients to shop by price. They should be looking at the ways you can help them.

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